5 highlight of Adolf Hitler’s life

May 15, 2018 admin 0

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. He was also the main supporter of the Holocaust, which is the extermination of millions of Jews and others for ethnic cleansing. He led Germany in World War II. Here are some highlights of Hitler’s life.

1. He wanted to become an artist and he went to Vienna to pursue his dream. However, he was rejected for admission at the Vienna Academy of Art. He didn’t have any job at that time and he spent his time painting postcards. He spent five years in Vienna.

2. He found out that his artwork was rejected by a Jewish professor for which he didn’t get admission to the art academy. He believed that his mother’s doctor was a Jewish and that’s why she died. Slowly, his hatred towards the Jews grew.

3. When World War One was declared, Hitler went to Germany and joined the Army. He was the regimental runner and had to take messages to officers who were behind the front line and then come back with orders. He was very brave and received the award the Iron Cross for his bravery. He won six such medals in total.

4. Hitler formed the Nazi party in 1920. That year, the party blamed about 300 bankers for dictating world policies. Many Germans were provoked against the Jews and they joined the Nazi party. Hyperinflation in Germany destroyed the middle class. Hitler’s motive was to get the middle class to support him.

5. He committed suicide in 1945, at the time when Germany was losing. He wasn’t prepared to give up and couldn’t take the loss. So, he ended his life.

Many people think Hitler was a genius, while others think he was an evil man. The history has all the records of what Hitler has down and now you can decide on your stance about Hitler.


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