5 highlight of Adolf Hitler’s life

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Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. He was also the main supporter of the Holocaust, which is the extermination of millions of Jews and others for ethnic cleansing. He led Germany in World War II. Here are some highlights of Hitler’s life.

1. He wanted to become an artist and he went to Vienna to pursue his dream. However, he was rejected for admission at the Vienna Academy of Art. He didn’t have any job at that time and he spent his time painting postcards. He spent five years in Vienna.

2. He found out that his artwork was rejected by a Jewish professor for which he didn’t get admission to the art academy. He believed that his mother’s doctor was a Jewish and that’s why she died. Slowly, his hatred towards the Jews grew.

3. When World War One was declared, Hitler went to Germany and joined the Army. He was the regimental runner and had to take messages to officers who were behind the front line and then come back with orders. He was very brave and received the award the Iron Cross for his bravery. He won six such medals in total.

4. Hitler formed the Nazi party in 1920. That year, the party blamed about 300 bankers for dictating world policies. Many Germans were provoked against the Jews and they joined the Nazi party. Hyperinflation in Germany destroyed the middle class. Hitler’s motive was to get the middle class to support him.

5. He committed suicide in 1945, at the time when Germany was losing. He wasn’t prepared to give up and couldn’t take the loss. So, he ended his life.

Many people think Hitler was a genius, while others think he was an evil man. The history has all the records of what Hitler has down and now you can decide on your stance about Hitler.


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What is Braun Battle of the Year?

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Braun Battle of the Year is a breakdance competition. It first took place in Germany in 1990. In the 2013 event, 13,000 people came to Germany to watch it. It is not only a competition but a festival for the Hip Hop culture. You will see a week-long dance performance, parties, and workshops. In 2013, a 3D dance film was released by the same name. The movie was directed by Benson Lee and it was the biggest box office hit of the year.

The competition is all about creativity and innovation. The regional qualifiers are first selected and then the final competition took place. Participants from around the world participated in this competition. They had to perform a choreographed routine of six minutes long. There were five judges who judged the participants according to stage presence, synchronicity, and choreography. The six best crews competed in the final battle.

Braun is the exclusive partner of this competition. The dancers use innovative dance moves and take the dancing to a new level. They use flip, slide and spin motions with great athleticism and grace. The audiences loved their style and technique. The unique styles of the crews portray their personalities.

This competition teaches us about the Hip Hop culture and how a dance competition can help in developing teamwork, friendship, and creativity. Every year the competition is drawing more and more audience and the interest in learning about the Hip-Hop culture is also growing. You learn about some great dancing styles when you attend this event.

Historical dynamics of modular homes usage

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Modular homes are made using multiple sections or ‘mudules’. They are made in a factory-like setting and then brought to the actual site. The construction of prefabricated modules is done on site. Cranes are usually used to move the modules. The modules are placed side-by-side or end-to-end to complete the building. Many people confuse it with a mobile home. However, the two are not same. The modular home is just something that’s built off-site.


The modular homes were first seen in the 1800s. A man named Henry Manning posted an ad of a prefabricated home. He would make the components of the home in London and then send them to different parts of the world by boat. It is mainly used as a quick and inexpensive housing solution for the employees. In 1908 Sears printed their catalog of modular homes and the demand increased. They had to ship more than half a million modular building from 1910 to 1940. After the World War II, the soldiers who returned home wanted these homes and so it’s demand became uncontrollable.


Modular homes are usually built in remote locations where it may not be possible to carry out the normal construction works. The modular buildings are also used for building camps, schools, healthcare facilities, retail offices, restaurants, etc. If you are planning to build a home in a place where the weather is extreme, then also modular homes are the best choice. They are environment-friendly as nothing harmful is released to the air.


It takes less time to build modular homes. They don’t encounter the on-site delays than usual construction works have due to bad weather conditions. These homes must conform to particular guidelines and rules so that quality of construction is good. There is less room for wastage and error.

Modular homes are becoming popular for its convenience and flexibility. It allows you to develop a customized home. If you decide to build a modular home, you should shop around and then choose a company that can build a quality modular home. Your research will have a great impact on the construction of your modular home.


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